Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seastation: Guest Post

Guest posting today is Charis from Seastation!
Hi! I am so excited to be apart of Julie's "Favorite Spring Things".
 I love love spring... and there are so many wonderful reasons to be in love with this time of year. Spring is a season of newness, and i am so lucky that my birthday happens to be in the spring and it just makes it that much more amazing!

1.  Oribe Apres Beach Spray.  
If i was stranded on a deserted island and I could have only one beauty product, Apres Beach Spray would be my top pick. Literally it is like Oribe climbed into my head and made a magical product that was everything i ever dreamed of.  I do hair for a living... but i don't ever really want to do my own, Im a messy head, (and i like that). I like effortless looks, messy waves, nothing too made up. Mostly because i spend 5 minutes doing my hair and i need it to be quick.. and that seems to be the best style for a quick and easy do. This beach spray isn't like any other i've ever tried, most are made with alcohol and sea salt, giving you that beachy feel, but also leaving the hair dry and dull. THIS beach spray adds ton of shine and moisture but with that beachy texture that adds pieciness and accentuates your natural wave.  If you don't have waves, its great to spray on after you curl your hair to piece it out a bit, or to just add texture and shine to your ends! This is a top spring favorite, that will last year round for me!
shop for Apres Beach Spray here!

2. Mom's Strawberry Cake.
So, another reason i just love spring is its my birthday in April.. and what isn't better than your birthday month?!!!! Usually my birthday fell sometime around or on Easter.. so lots of my birthday memories growing up had lovely spring goodness to them!  One of which was a fantastic strawberry cake, I'm telling you, it's the best!
Heres the recipe!:
1 box white cake mix
1 box sm. jello-strawberry
3 T. plain flour
1/4 cup sugar
2/3 cup Wesson oil
1/2 cup water
(to be mixed in later):
4 eggs
small package (10 oz) of frozen strawberries

Combine above ingredients in mixing bowl.  
Beat 3 mins. or until smooth.
Add 4 unbeaten eggs
 package of frozen strawberries
Beat 2 mins.

Bake in 2 layer pans or sheet cake- greased & floured or "spray" for baking
Bake 350 degrees 35min
(or 45 min if tube pan)
 bon apetite! 
Thanks Mom for sharing:)
3. Maxi dresses to the max!  
So southern springs, really are just a "pre-summer" its usually 80 something degrees hot, and humid... not really pant weather in my opinion.  Thats why my favorite wardrobe item this spring is maxi dresses and skirts. Its oh so comfy and light and cool and they are so easy to dress up or down.  My current work "staple" item.  They are also so easy to find reasonably priced! This brown and black striped dress has adjustable straps (perfect for a girl of any height) and was just under $20 at Forever 21!! Target and Old Navy usually also have great basic dresses and skirts around this time of year as well.

4. Pretty Pastels!  
Are you loving all the springy colors that are everywhere these days???? I am! from runways to hair color, pastels are the hot thing this spring. Its great because you can go big, and dress head to toe in them, or you can be subtle and add a pretty nail color, or hand bag.  I love it, its like one big easter basket! Check out my style board from Polyvore of some amazing pastel trends!
Pastel Heaven


5. My Blueberry Crush!
 So after you spray your hair with Apres Beach, and eat a slice of that Strawberry cake while wearing your pastel colored maxi dress... sit back and relax and enjoy an amazing Blueberry Crush!
I've played around with this blueberry tea for a while now, tried it hot, tried it cold...  all which were tasty... But for the warmer days we're livin' in lately it needed a little zing.  
Really this would be good with any sort of fruity flavored tea, so choose to your liking and have fun experimenting! (disclaimer: im really not good with measurements so these are roundabout ideas of what i think i added.. really just use your gut, and taste it to see what you think you need to adjust!)
You will need:
6 tea bags ( I used Celestial Seasonings 'True Blueberry")
Lemon Juice
Blue berries
*Citron vodka

Boil water with teabags, let steep for several minutes
mix 1/4-1/2 cup of sugar (or your preferred sweetener)
mix in about 3/4 cups of lemon juice 

Chill tea in fridge for a couple of hours.
When ready to serve, crush a few frozen blueberries for ice.
If you're feelin' fancy, add a lemon wedge and a shot of citron (lemon flavored) vodka for some pizzaz! 
and voila! My Blueberry Crush.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite Spring Things!
Come by and share with me if you try out any of these recipes, I'd love to hear what you think, or what you did differently!!  Thank's Bonte for letting me apart, I had so much fun!