Friday, June 29, 2012


According to me, it doesn't feel like summer until I've gone to the beach (which I haven't done yet), and it's getting awfully hot to not be by some water. We are trying to get there in the next few weeks. I got a new swimsuit and I need to break it in.

 We always had a summer vacation growing up in my family. It was a must. Normally we would flip flop years going to the beach or to the lake. It's a fun tradition that I have so many memories from. I want to keep up with my family and one day children. 

What are your summer traditions? Do you carry on things you did growing up? Do share.

Here's to wishing for sand in my toes and running from waves, on what's supposed to be a 104 degree day. Happy Friday,



Thursday, June 28, 2012

WA Vacation Part I: Seattle

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from my trip out west. I've been running around like a mad woman the past 2 weeks trying to get caught up on work, life, and adjusting to a puppy, that I haven't even had time to sort through photos from my trip. The first weekend I was home, I drove over to Seattle with my 2 sisters and baby nephew (whom I met for the first time!). I wanted to go for a few reason. One, a friend of mine was getting married, and I just didn't want to miss it being that I was so close. Two, I haven't been there in almost 3 years!!! (yikes). Three, I have so many beautiful friends that I haven't seen and I missed them. So it was all around a definite must to go there this vacation.

It down poured all the way through the pass, but let up as we drove into town. Big surprise, I know. Seattle?! We headed right downtown when we got into town. I spent the majority of my time living there downtown because my school was located right by the water. It actually ended up being sunny as we walked through the famous Pike's Place Market (my favorite), for many reasons. Fresh flowers, fresh seafood, fresh veggies...It's just beautiful to look at, and you get samplings of the fresh delicacies:) We also stopped by my favorite french bakery that's right across the street. I used to walk by there every morning on my way to school and smell the delicious, fresh baked croissants and baguettes being pulled from the ovens. I just had to go have my long awaited chocolate croissant. After that, we went to the gum wall, got coffee and looked in shops until we had to head to a dinner date.

I got to eat dinner with 2 very special ladies, Jewel and NeeNee (Sharon). They were like moms (friends) to me when I moved to town, and took care of me all through school. I love them to pieces and we enjoyed a delicious mexican dinner and talked for hours. I had a vegetarian dish that was to die for. Squash tostadas with spinach, goat cheese, and black beans. It was heavenly!

The next morning, my friend Connie threw a lovely brunch so I could see a few of my dear friends. We enjoyed fun little treats and chatted the morning away. After that my sisters and I hit up some shopping to kill time before the wedding that evening. We barely made it to the wedding due to one of the two brides being closed going into down town. That was almost a disaster, but the wedding was delayed for traffics sake, so we only missed the first 10 minutes. The rest of the evening was enjoyable and I was so happy to see my beautiful friend married.

Sunday, we packed up, and got to have a lunch date with a good friend of mine before we left town (who's moving over my way soon!). She shared a favorite restaurant with us called Oddfellows, in Capitol Hill. It's semi-newish and wasn't around when I lived there. I see how it became a favorite of hers. It's charming atmosphere, delightful menu, and Stumptown coffee won me over instantly. We finished off our brunch with frozen yogurt before we hit the road home.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better Seattle trip. It was too short to say the least, but I got to experience and see the most important people and things.

My heart is satisfied...until next time. Stay tuned for Vacation Part II! I'll probably have it up next week sometime.

tata for now,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

Welcome to {Week 16} of What I Wore Wednesday with Wally!

This week I wanted to do a few photos with Wally, my new puppy. He's growing so fast it makes me want to capture every moment. His personality is more lovable everyday. He's a real sweetie. He wasn't too fond of the 95 degree weather when we were out for the shoot, but we didn't make him stay out too long. As soon as we were back in side, he lapped up some water and collapsed on our cool hardwood floor. I guess we really wore him out. Wally is finally getting the hang of a leash and is getting speedy quick at running. The grass almost envelops his little body, so he inevitably flops over or gets tripped up often in mid run. It's the funniest thing. He also sits like a pro, and is getting the hang of fetch (now most the time he actually brings the ball back!). We are proud of our growing little baby.

Tank: Nordsrtom Rack // Green Shorts: Tokyo Fashion // Shoes: Gee WaWa (Free People) // 
Necklace: Anthropologie // Braided Belt: Thrifted // Watch: Le Mer Collection Wrap Watch

Isn't he a cutie? I'm in love...

These are my new favorite shorts (shhhh, don't tell anyone. They were my Goodwill steal). I think they are pretty fabulous, and oh so comfy. I feel like I'm wearing a skirt but have the freedom of shorts. Perfect summer solution.

My lovely friend Heather shot this week's photos. You can see her work here...and you should take a look because she is amazing.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Aven: Boy Style

Aven is a little boys clothing line that was the result of combined vision between Angie Monson, photographer, and Mitch Harris, fashion designer. They teamed up in January of 2011 to launch this edgy, street fashion line for young boys.

Oh my, sometimes, cute kid clothes makes me want to die!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Wally!

Hello there, I have someone very special I'd like you to meet. You may have already seen photos of him on FB/Instagram, but I wanted to do an official blog introduction for the newest member of our family.

Meet Sir Walter Watson, aka Wally. 

He's 7.5 wks old and is a Chihuahua/Toy Poodle mix. I'm in love with him a thousand times over. He stole my heart the first night I got him.

He was a surprise gift, and if any of you know me, you know I love a good surprise. I was returning from visiting family in WA for 2 weeks, and this little guy was the best welcome home present I could have asked for. My husband got the inspiration to get me a puppy while I was gone. Long story short, we got this little guy through a series of events and it couldn't have turned out more perfect. I have always had a soft spot for Toy Poodles so he was a dream. Some of you may know that I work from home now which can be lonely at times. I'm a "togetherness" person and love quality time. Wally is my new best friend. All. Day. Long! We've had our ups and downs with potty training and biting poor babe is teething, but he finally seems to be getting some of the things we've been reinforcing. He's practically a pro at potty training, and sits every time we tell him. We're working on fetch, watch me, and come. He's so smart, I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors in no time.

The one downside to toy pups in that he gets lost so easily. He fits under ever dresser, couch, chair, bed, you name it...he fits. So...if I take my eyes off him for a second, the next thing you know is I'm running through the house frantically calling his name, trying to find where he went to. I'm sure he thinks it's quite comical. 

One of my favorite things is cuddling with him. I think he loves to cuddle as much as I do, which makes us a match made in heaven. I have been having my quiet/coffee times on the couch in the morning with him sleeping in my lap. It's enough to make me want to stay there pj's and all for the entire day. 

Meeting him for the first time
 That look!!!

He's so cute when he sleeps

The husband scored major points getting me this one.

I just wanted all my online friends to meet our new little puppy love. Here's to long awaited wishes coming true I've always wanted a toy dog !

Bonte + Wally

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

Hi folks, it's week 15 (oh my!) of What I Wore Wednesday. This is another set of photos from WA that I never got around to posting. It was one of those grey, overcast days, threatening to rain. I stole my little sisters great (vintage find) raincoat just in case.

Hope you all enjoy...

Rain Jacket: Thrifted (sisters) // Dress: Target // Leggings: Hue // Oxfords: Preview International // Watch: Le Mer Collection // Ring: Thrifted (sisters) // Lips: Revlon Hot Coral

I have to mention, has anyone tried Revlon's lipstick before? I'm in love with it. I have a problem with dry, peeling lips, especially when wearing lipstick often. My sister got me hooked on Revlon's and they stay amazingly moisturized. You should check it out. My favorite shades right now are Hot Coral and Apricot Blase. 

Anywho, don't forget to check out The Pleated Poppy for more outfit inspirations. And don't forget to come back next week!