Wednesday, June 1, 2011

rough sketch

So...good news to announce, at least to me!
I finally pulled out my pencils and sketchbook this week, and boy did it feel good.
Sketching is one of my favorite things. I sort of get lost in another world when I do it, and it relaxes me.
I'm working on a new project, and these were a few of my pencil sketches. 

Here's to rediscovering a long lost love of mine.
You should try it sometime. It's freeing!



  1. Oh Jules, I love your designs. And your dreams. And especially who you are. They are just so great.

  2. Please put in my order for the last one please.... :)

  3. Nice, Julie!! Well done. I really like the last one. I'd wear it. :)

  4. Jabes! I love them, and I love you. Can't wait to see where you go.