Monday, February 28, 2011

Counting Crazy

Get creative with numbers.

I have this thing with numbers. I just love them. It's probably because I really love fonts and typography...but they just look so elegant and pretty, on almost anything. 



Napkin Rings

Tape Measure

Numbered Cans

Numbered Linens


I really love counting down the days, whether it's to the weekend, a trip, special event, birthday, or holiday. It doesn't matter what, I just love having special things to look forward to. It makes everyday life so much more exciting. The wait, the anticipation, it's just wonderful!

During the few years before my husband and I got married, we were in a very long distance relationship. And by long distance I mean me in Seattle, WA and him in Regensburg, Germany. Not only a country, and then an ocean apart, but a 9 hr time difference as well. Oh...I feel the pain of those days just thinking about it. The reason I brought this up is because I would make countdowns for myself between our trips and visits to see each other. I was a student at the time, and it was just so nice to know how many days before we'd be heading to the airport. 

Our last separation before the big wedding, was sad to say the least. I sent him a box filled with kisses. We both got to eat one every day, to count down the days till we would never have to be a part again. Those days were bitter-sweet. But I'm happy we're together all the time now!

My next countdown is to March! I love March. It means spring, warmer weather, flowers blooming, and grass growing greener.  It's probably my favorite because it's my birthday month!

Here's to March, only a day away!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Creative Spaces: Work

I firmly believe that our atmospheres effect us, whether in a positive or negative way. I am a better designer when I'm inspired, or find ways to inspire myself. Creativity flows more naturally, and I am more of who I am. When I'm full of life, I'm more productive.  I'm learning to create an environment around myself that nurtures the creativity inside of me.

I came across this website, this aint no disco, it's where we work, when I was browsing the other day. It inspired me do so a series on 'creative spaces'. I'm just dreaming and taking notes for the day I get to design an amazing work studio to share with my husband.

Most of these are Advertising Agencies, Graphic/Design Companies from around the world, and they are pretty darn amazing.

Take a peek...

'Brandbase' Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Deepend' Sydney, Australia
'Martin et Karczinski' Munich, Germany
'Parliament' Portland, Oregon
'Mattproduction' Bochum, Germany
 'Achtung!' Hamburg, Germany
 'Gummo' Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Ogilvy' Sydney, Australia
 'JoussenKarliczek GmbH' Schorndorf, Germany
'Village Underground' London
Recycled tube trains, transformed into art/work spaces rented out to artist and designers. 

I randomly collect images when I'm browsing,  so the last two photos  I found a while ago, and stored in my files.

I bet these people are inspired to go to work every morning. 
I hope you're inspired by just looking.


Friday, February 18, 2011

once upon a time...

Today, I'm inspired by Paris.

Probably 6 years ago, I was en route to Africa with my two dear sisters and Father, and we were lucky enough to have a layover in Paris. A very long layover, I might add. So, instead of being cooped up in the airport, we decided to go explore. We hired a wonderful little taxi man, and told him to show us Paris. Not tourist Paris, but the real Paris. He spent the next 8-10 hours chauffeuring us around his beautiful city. 
Even though I've only spent a day in the city, I fell in love with it.
I'm just waiting for the day I get to go back.
Until then...

au revoir mon ami!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Content: in a state of peaceful happiness.

 Content. That's how I feel.

I had the loveliest of weekends. Life gets busy, and if you're not careful, it can just zoom on by. I've learned you have to stop and smell the roses along the way, no matter how busy it is, or how many things there are on your to-do list. Take the time to do the really important things, the things that matter and last.

We sort of spread out our Valentine's celebration over the whole weekend. I like to do that, get the most out of holidays, celebrations & birthdays. What can I say, I always like an excuse to hangout with my husband, eat good food, listen to good music, and have a wonderful time!

Weekend Recap (with a few photos):


This was a school project for my husband, shot by our amazing photographer
friends,  the Barrs.  I got to style it, which I love. That's one of my dreams, to be a stylist for a fashion magazine. 

Dark chocolate/banana creme' brulee:

 made by yours truly

I forgot to take photos of the end product, but it was delicious. 

Valentine sweetness:

Ranunculus, my most favorite flower ever:

I have the sweetest man. Ranunculus are my favorite flower, but they are almost impossible to find in flower shops or stores. He searched high and low, through the whole city, and found me the 1 and only bouquet of ranunculus. I was one happy, happy wife.

Alphabet Love:

My husband made this a while back not, but we just never got around to
printing it. He had it printed and framed for Valentine's Day. 
How appropriate. I love it.
(For sale now. Check out our Etsy shop Tuck&Bonte)

Je t'aime:

I love, and I mean, love chocolate, thanks to my Mother.
She has at least 1 chocolate item a day. I love that about her:)
Dark chocolate lavender truffle
Dark chocolate sea salt truffle

And all that left me one happy wife.
Thee end.