Monday, February 21, 2011

Creative Spaces: Work

I firmly believe that our atmospheres effect us, whether in a positive or negative way. I am a better designer when I'm inspired, or find ways to inspire myself. Creativity flows more naturally, and I am more of who I am. When I'm full of life, I'm more productive.  I'm learning to create an environment around myself that nurtures the creativity inside of me.

I came across this website, this aint no disco, it's where we work, when I was browsing the other day. It inspired me do so a series on 'creative spaces'. I'm just dreaming and taking notes for the day I get to design an amazing work studio to share with my husband.

Most of these are Advertising Agencies, Graphic/Design Companies from around the world, and they are pretty darn amazing.

Take a peek...

'Brandbase' Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Deepend' Sydney, Australia
'Martin et Karczinski' Munich, Germany
'Parliament' Portland, Oregon
'Mattproduction' Bochum, Germany
 'Achtung!' Hamburg, Germany
 'Gummo' Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Ogilvy' Sydney, Australia
 'JoussenKarliczek GmbH' Schorndorf, Germany
'Village Underground' London
Recycled tube trains, transformed into art/work spaces rented out to artist and designers. 

I randomly collect images when I'm browsing,  so the last two photos  I found a while ago, and stored in my files.

I bet these people are inspired to go to work every morning. 
I hope you're inspired by just looking.


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  1. Love those images!!! Jason and I have been talking about this topic a lot these days....we're hoping to be able to improve our home's atmosphere (especially our office and bedroom because it seems those are the places we cram random things including random deer heads that Jason made a long time ago and we have no room for them anywhere LOL)

    I know I'm affected tremendously by my surrounding atmosphere...I can't function if I have too much clutter around me or things that seem out of place (here in the office there's a deer head looking at me from the floor...for example...kinda bothers me)

    Isn't it just amazing though how a combination of colors and interesting pieces can inspire you to work when you need to work and allow you to rest when you need to rest.

    Great post! :)