Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend fun

Hi there!
Hope you all had a fun filled weekend. I sure did...

{it involved}

pumpkin pancakes + french press = great saturday morning
beautiful flowers from my sweet man
we made ratatouille for the first time = it was delish, and quite a success
I did a fun photo shoot Friday of Tuck & Bonte christmas stuff which is = coming to our SHOP real soon!
fun with friends = successful weekend
{how could all of that not equal something delish? I've decided that vegetables are my favorite food}
Also, upcoming blog this week: sneak peak of Tuck & Bonte Christmas, available soon!



  1. Awweeeeee :) SO awesome..... we had so much fun with you guys! (how funny is it that everyone looks normal and I'm completely cheezin' LOL) Oh those pancakes and veggies look SO good! - Heather

  2. Ahh so fun! fall is the best. can I get the recipe you used for ratatouille? i've always wanted to make that. and i agree - veggies are the best food.

  3. p.s. everything and YOU guys look great.