Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiya Monday!

Well, wether I like it or not, Monday always shows up after the Sunday. We had a really nice weekend though. It was nice to just lay low and relax.

Here's some Instaphotos from our life lately. . .

Also, here's my new hair. It took me most of last week to get used to it being short again but now I'm really loving it. I've always been 'the girl who changed her hair all the time'. I've done it all. . . brunette, red, blonde, Amelie, mohawk, pixie, long... although the past 3 years I've stuck with sort of the same do. The change of season and weather got me wishing for some change of my own. And while some change is less welcome that others, I've always loved hair change. It doesn't scare me. Hair grows back which is why I like to try new stuff. Are you a long or short hair person? Do you dye yours? I've been blonde that past 3 years and I've grown really attached. I was blonde as a babe so I feel like I'll always be a blonde at heart. Plus, with my fair complexion, I think it suits me best. 

It's a grey, drizzly Monday here. I think that calls fall candles, cozy music and coffee while I work.


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