Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Story Part: Engaged

Me: Seattle, WA, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Lee!
I remember the December morning perfectly. It was a bright, brisk morning for Seattle, with snow covering the grounds, as I headed off to the airport. Little did I know what this day would hold. I loved airport days, at least the hello ones. Goodbyes were usually a bit weepy. I always loved planning my outfits and having everything just so when I arrived to pick him up. My stomach always got butterflies as I waited for him to get off the plane and get down the escalator already!

So it was this day as well, as I stood waiting. Then there he was, first his shoes, then legs, then stomach and finally, his head was in full view. We embraced and hugged and hugged, and normally didn't like letting go very much. He had a hanging bag with a suit in it which struck me as odd, but he casually said he brought something a little dressy for New Years and I didn't think much of it. We loaded everything in the car, and were off. 

He kept saying, take me somewhere special, lets go somewhere you really like! SO, I was trying to think of a favorite spot to show him, it being only his 2nd time in Seattle. I chose to take him to Kerry Park, and lovely little park in Queen Ann that overlooked the city. I used to walk there with friends, so it was a special spot.
We got out of the car a ways down the street, and started walking, hand in hand. We went through a little enclosed garden, and I guess he didn't feel right about it. 

Finally, we walked to the very tip of the park (it's sort of a cliff type thing) and it was just breathtaking. He said he wanted to tell me something, and I started to get a little bit nervous. He pulled me over to a bench, and I nervously sat. He still stood as he pulled a folded up piece of paper from his pocket. Then I knew. He was proposing! I was outwardly very calm, at least I think, but inside I was definitely freaking out.

He starting reading a letter he had written on a barf bag, in an airplane, 6 years before. He had written it to his future wife, and hadn't a clue about me at the time. He had written two copies, one to leave on the airplane for 'his wife' to find, and the other for him to keep. (He's a hopeless romantic, what can I say! I love it) Well, time passed, and his copy of the letter got lost somewhere along the way. Just a few weeks before he was planning to fly out and propose, and man knocked on his door, and handed him an old bible. He said, " I think this belongs to you." It did, and tucked inside was his copy of the letter, just in time for him to take and read to me!!! Amazing!

He read it, I smiled (but didn't cry, oddly enough), and of course, said "YES!" when he asked. We kissed on the top of that park, but it felt like we were on top of the world. I think we had drawn a little crowd by that time.

He then went on to say he was staying for the whole month long! What?!? My whole school break we were to spend together. Too good! But then it got better. He then announced that were were getting married August 16th, 2009, at the mansion I had fallen in love with. More squeals and kisses and freaking out.
And then he brought me home to roses, and the Anthropologie dress I had been eyeing. I got all dolled up and we headed into the city for an amazing dinner overlooking the water, at this fancy, french restaurant. I was up in the clouds all night long. A few days later, we headed across the snowy pass to spend Christmas with my family. It was really the best holiday ever!

We had a record 5 feet of snow that winter. It was absolutely beautiful, and the perfect weather for winter break. All of us stuck in the house, by the fire,  with good food, tea, games and family to keep you company. It doesn't get any better than that!
Check back soon for more wedding news!


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