Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hi friends,

Here's a little fall inspiration for your Monday, complete with warm browns, golden hues, and furry texture. It was 55 degrees at 7am this morning. Three cheers for that! The coolness in the air is refreshing. I was able to run today for the first time in 7 weeks since I sprained my ankle. I'm starting out slow to make sure I don't re-injure it, but my ankle felt great. Running is something I didn't know I'd come to love so much until I couldn't do it. I felt like all I ever saw the past few months was people running. I am so glad to be back at it. I am doing my first small race (5k Color Run) in November, but Lee and I want to start training for longer ones after that. I'm excited to set some new goals this fall.

I hope you have a lovely week. Check back here for my weekly What I Wore Wednesday post, and if you're behind, check out previous weeks here.


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  1. I remember when I was in Spokane and you went out for a little work out walk with your mom and I said - "Are you going out for a run?" and you said "No, I really don´t like running!" - And I couldn´t really understand it, because I am highly addicted to it :D But look how things change! :)