Friday, January 4, 2013

It was a very Merry Christmas indeed!

We just returned from a lovely 10 days spent in WA state with my entire family (8 kids, 3 spouses, 5 grandkids, 2 grandparents, and my parents!) It was the first time we've all been together in a year and a half. It's getting harder and harder to coordinate holidays and visits with our ever expanding family. Three of us kids live on the East Coast, while my parents and the 4 still at home, my Grandparents (who recently moved into the In-Law apartment on my parents house), and my oldest sister, her husband and 3 kids all still live in WA state. Our current schedule is that every other year we rotate celebrating Christmas with our spouses family and our family in WA. This was our year to go home, and thanks to my Dad's airline miles and coupons from frequent flying, we were all able to make the big trip.

We were blessed with the most beautiful white Christmas. We woke up Christmas Eve morning to a winter wonderland and no power. Luckily the power came back on shortly after, and the snow stayed for the rest of the trip. I prayed hard for a white christmas, and Jesus must really love me because I got one!

Here are a few (err, a lot) of photos from our trip.

First night everyone was home. It's our tradition to go on exercise walks with Mom while we're home.
 All the cousins in their new Christmas Pj's
Breakfast with the early morning risers at the old classic Frank's Diner. It 's a train-car restaurant my Grandmother and Dad used to take me to.
 Coffee with these two!
 Leon turned 4!
 Princess Eleanor
My Mom with her 5 youngest. After 8 kids, she still looks like one of the girls.
 J Hobes, my awesome little brother who is now taller than me (gasp!)
 Mom was excited all here babies were home.
 We woke up to this beautiful scene on Christmas Even morning! It was breathtaking.
Since we had no power, we decided to take a little family walk to our favorite neighborhood bakery for coffee and treats. We stopped by our favorite park on the way.
 Dad and his four youngest girls.
 Cannon Hill Park. My absolute favorite place EVER in the snow.
 Christmas Even night with Marge.
I guess we made it on the nice list. This is what Christmas looks like with 20 people all giving gifts to each other! So. Much. Fun.
 Someone liked her Christmas gifts :)
The favorite Christmas gift arrived Christmas morning. Luke, the last sibling home, with my grandpa Ukki.
We have a New Years Eve/Day tradition going on 6 years with these two (my sister and BIL). Unfortunately, we were both traveling back around that time this year, so we weren't able to hangout. We did an early celebratory dinner one night on the trip. It was the closest thing to a perfect replacement.
Sibs. J Hobes (aka, James), Rachie, Molls
My big and little brothers. Both ridiculously handsome and stylish.
Molls and Lee.
Bep and Luke.
Nephews. Brothers. Friends. (Leon and Soli)
Fashion school bestie I haven't seen since she was in my wedding 3+ years ago. And yes, she's a natural redhead.
Finally got to meet my BFF's darling little baby girl, Hanley Rose on this trip. She's perfect!
My Mom's parents, Mummu and Ukki celebrated their 63rd anniversary this December. Now THAT is true love. So glad I go to be there for it.
All the big kids and their spouses hanging out (Left to right: Molly, Luke, me & Lee, Al & Jesse, David and Bep)
Four oldest girls. Love them so much
The NW has such great coffee shops and coffee.
Just finished our belated Christmas/New Years Anderson yearly photo.
Molls and I
I love him
Eleanor and I with our big pom pom hats
Favorite bakery
We put him to work ;) (Our 89 year old Ukki is very active for his age)
It was a breathtakingly beautiful winter
Spokane keeps impressing with their new cool spots. We visited this one a few times.
 My darling Mother not only cooks for an army every meal, she also grinds her own whole wheat and whips up these amazing artisan loaves like it's NBD. I want to be just like her when I grow up.
The last night home:( We got to enjoy this amazing fireplace every single night. It thus reinforced my decision that I MUST have a real fireplace when we buy a house.

Thanks for listening and looking. I hope you enjoyed the photos!



  1. i love seeing these glimpses into your family! it looks like such a good trip!

  2. These photos are awesome. I stared intently (is that creepy?) at each one! Every single person in these photos has impeccable style. What an awesome family.