Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finland: Marimekko

Hello friends,
Did I ever tell you I am half Finnish? 
Both my Grandparents, from my Mother's side, came to America from Finland, so my mother is 100%. I've always thought it's pretty neat to be a whole 1/2 of 'something'. I have yet to go to Finland, but my Grandparents still take a trip every year.
Ukki and Mummu. That's what Grandma and Grandpa have always been to us. Our friends always laugh and think it's silly sounding, but I guess we're just used to it.

It's been a number of years back, but my dear sweet Mumm and Ukk brought me back some beautiful, Finnish fabric one trip. Marimekko is what it's called. They have the loveliest fabrics, prints and colors. 
Here's a little History...

Markimekko is one part girl's name, Mari, and two parts mekko, the Finnish word for dress. Inside mari, is Armi-the company's founder and charismatic leader for nearly 30 years. 

Liberate the body and mind. Wonderful shades in superb, off beat combinations. Color is Marimekko's logic. 

Opposites Attract:
Contradiction creates. Marimekko travels the road less traveled between urban and nature,  between tradition and modernity,  mass production and unique art, and so on.

 Say no more - A company with wit and charm, crafting messages that give name to patterns of life and design. 

Never boring, just wonderfully functional.  
Our three product lines, clothing, interior decoration, and bags - are in harmony with everyday life.

Here's a few photos of these beautiful fabrics:


I'm hoping to go there one of these days.
It's on my list of places to visit before I die.
Hope you enjoyed looking!


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  1. I love how we are Finnish. and I love marimekko. and i love you!