Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project Pillows

One of my newest projects around the house...

O, how much fun we had with these. My favorite part was choosing textiles, colors, textures, prints, and coordinating everything together. 
They turned out pretty great. I was quite happy with them, especially the bright red velvet ones. The last little chair was an older project we did. We picked it up at an estate sale last fall, and it was this awful, burnt orange, matted fabric. It only cost us $10 bucks for the chair. We saw the potential in it, so we brought it home. After picking out our fabric, we had a retired upholsterer recover it for us. I just adore it! I tied in the red velvet bolster pillows by using the same red print from the chair for the welt.



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  1. Julie! Gorgeous!!!!! When I become a wife, or as soon as I have my own place - I wanna be like you! ;)