Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree... lovely are thy branches.

Our house is looking festive and fit for the holidays.
We got our tree on Sunday and it's absolutely 8 feet of beautiful! Definitely our best one yet.
I love Christmas trees...real ones. There is something so fun about going and picking
 out just the right one.
We used to go to a Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own when we were kids. We'd normally go Thanksgiving week. It was always so fun for all of us kids to traipse around in our snowsuits, voting on the best one.

We had to re-arrange our living room a little bit to fit ours in.

I love sitting in our living room at night with just the twinkle lights on.
There is something so beautiful and magical about it.
We got extra festive this year and put up icicle lights around our front porch. It added a little cheer to it's  otherwise drab appearance.

Do you get a real tree or fake one?

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  1. WOW!!!! That is an amazing christmas tree!!!
    We have a fake one. We have a tradition that friends comes up on the 1st of December to decorate the tree, drink mulled wine and this year we are watching Home Alone.

    In Norway most people wait until around the 22.-23. of December to decorate the tree (I am not one of those. Luckily my parents are so I get to be in charge of the christmas tree decorating there as well (and they always have a real one!).