Friday, November 18, 2011

a small feast

Thanksgiving has always been a favorite of mine. If you ask me, Thanksgiving till New Years is just the best time of year.
I'm especially excited this year because we are celebrating Thanksgiving with my brother, sister and her family. It will be a little bit different than the large family gatherings we're used to, but the part we've been most excited about is that we get to plan our own menu.
We've been recipe hunting all week, emailing photos/videos/ideas. And let me tell you, my mouth is already watering. I can hardly wait!
It's going to be a feast, and a delicious one at that.

What are your weekend plans? 
Today we are driving to the VA clinic which is about an hour away. Lee needs his eyes checked before he gets new glasses. We are only working a half day today and are then going to take off the rest. We might squeeze in a little Christmas shopping to. I'm looking forward to it.

Check out these pretty new looks from Opening Ceremony + Rodarte Fall 11/12

Hope you all enjoy yourselves and this chilly weather.
We went to the gym this morning early, early (way too early in my opinion), and it was 30 degrees out.
Maybe we will get winter this year after all.



  1. Love that fall line!!! :)
    Oh, and I LOVE Thanksgiving too. We aren't doing a huge family gathering either & my parents won't actually be there, so all the kids are going to do the cooking! Been looking up recipes all week - thank God for Pinterest ;)

  2. Yum!!!!! and Yumm!!!!

  3. I want to eat with you guys! What did you guys do for the rest of your day off?