Monday, November 28, 2011

turkey day!

Well, I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving. Luckily, it's Monday and I made it back to the gym. 
But all that eating was well worth it. So delicious!
We arrived Wednesday night to this feast.
My sis prepared the most amazing meat + cheese spread ever, with crunchy crostinis, homemade apple chutney (which was to die for), olive tapenade, and a roasted pepper tapenade. We felt like kings and queens.
 beautiful and delicious.

 Leon dancing
 making Mom's homemade rolls. we just couldn't do without them. And we were so proud, they turned out just like hers!
 brie en croute appetizer

 This little cutie pie followed me around all day long. He would just look up with that darling little face and tug at my pants. Talk about melting your heart...I felt very loved. I'm not normally the favorite auntie:)
Babe making gravy
 big kids + little kids
 me and Bep
 our turkey chef! it was scrump-dili-icious!
 cute + yum!
 oh luke, he never smiles...
 our rolls
 blackened carrots with goat cheese and arugula
 french green beans with sea salt and crunchy onions
 fig, brandy, sweet+spicy sausage absolute favorite
 of course, buttery, garlicy mashed potatoes

 Leon loved dinner, and patiently waited all day long for special pie...pumkin pie.
He was a fan.
 Bep + Dave

We cooked all Thanksgiving morning, through the day, until we ate that night at 8pm. The turkey took a wee bit longer than the recipe called for. My goodness, who would of thought how much planning went into that meal. It was quite the task to schedule what to cook when, when the oven would be free, and how long everything would order to get it all done, ready and hot at the same time.
We were pleased with our first Thanksgiving meal cooked by ourselves.

Bep and I also did a few christmas crafts (also coming in a blog post). It was so fun to just relax the next day, work on projects, eat left overs, and just have sister time.

We got our Christmas Tree!!! Eeekk! That means it's officially the holidays now. I've been playing swinging christmas music on my pandora station and I don't think I could ever get sick of listening to old, jazzy, christmas music.
Christmas blog post coming this week, so check back in.


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  1. J! that is a feast if i ever saw one. everything looks amazing, amazing. you guys all look so good. miss you all to death. or to life :)