Monday, January 23, 2012

Week+End Recap

Our week+weekend recap:

High: iPhone 4S, you have changed my life already. I feel like I've finally joined the 21st century in technology and I love it. And Instagram too! We're good friends already.

Low: That first picture. We woke up bright and early on Thursday morning to find that in front of our house. Some guy fell asleep just before 7 am, and smashed into our car parked in front of our house. We had to say bye bye to it. Sad day...but hoping for something better/newer in it's place.

High: Upon cleaning out my glovebox, I found over $100 of unused gift cards left over from our wedding. That kind of stuff never happens to me so I was one happy lady.

High: My new Staub (pronounced like strobe, but without the r) dutch oven came! It was the week for getting mail, that's for sure. I made some delicious Indian soup in it...I think I'm gonna want to make soup all the time now.

High: We got an awesome cookbook from my fellow foodie sister Allison for Christmas. It's called Clinton St. Baking Company, which is a famous brunch restaurant in Manhattan's trendy Lower East Side. We've tried a few recipes the past 2 weekends, and they've been delicious. This Saturday it was banana chocolate chip pancakes...and they were yummy! Can't wait to try the biscuits next...

High: I finally perfected a homemade pizza dough. We've been playing around with various ones since we got married, and now we have one we love. I also gave my first go at making artisan bread, baked on our pizza stone. It was a success, but I think I still have some tweaking to do...I wasn't completely happy.

Here are a few photos to wrap it up...I'm off to start taxes...wish me luck!
watching Midnight in Paris...again. We love that movie...
and now I just want to go to Paris, especially today, since it's raining.


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  1. the other evening I turned on Midnight in Paris just for a couple of moments.. and it was just as amazing as ever :)