Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Wally!

Hello there, I have someone very special I'd like you to meet. You may have already seen photos of him on FB/Instagram, but I wanted to do an official blog introduction for the newest member of our family.

Meet Sir Walter Watson, aka Wally. 

He's 7.5 wks old and is a Chihuahua/Toy Poodle mix. I'm in love with him a thousand times over. He stole my heart the first night I got him.

He was a surprise gift, and if any of you know me, you know I love a good surprise. I was returning from visiting family in WA for 2 weeks, and this little guy was the best welcome home present I could have asked for. My husband got the inspiration to get me a puppy while I was gone. Long story short, we got this little guy through a series of events and it couldn't have turned out more perfect. I have always had a soft spot for Toy Poodles so he was a dream. Some of you may know that I work from home now which can be lonely at times. I'm a "togetherness" person and love quality time. Wally is my new best friend. All. Day. Long! We've had our ups and downs with potty training and biting poor babe is teething, but he finally seems to be getting some of the things we've been reinforcing. He's practically a pro at potty training, and sits every time we tell him. We're working on fetch, watch me, and come. He's so smart, I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors in no time.

The one downside to toy pups in that he gets lost so easily. He fits under ever dresser, couch, chair, bed, you name it...he fits. So...if I take my eyes off him for a second, the next thing you know is I'm running through the house frantically calling his name, trying to find where he went to. I'm sure he thinks it's quite comical. 

One of my favorite things is cuddling with him. I think he loves to cuddle as much as I do, which makes us a match made in heaven. I have been having my quiet/coffee times on the couch in the morning with him sleeping in my lap. It's enough to make me want to stay there pj's and all for the entire day. 

Meeting him for the first time
 That look!!!

He's so cute when he sleeps

The husband scored major points getting me this one.

I just wanted all my online friends to meet our new little puppy love. Here's to long awaited wishes coming true I've always wanted a toy dog !

Bonte + Wally


  1. He is so adorable Julie!! I love that now you have a little buddy to keep you company when you work from home. I am sure you two will have many adventures to come :)

  2. so cute. i love him already!
    having a pup is so fun.

  3. good Lord, I am in love too! he is the cutest!!

  4. soooo cute! i miss having a little puppy! enjoy him:)