Monday, February 25, 2013

Stine Goya S/S

I'm loving Stine Goya's "La Parade Merveilleuse" Spring RTW Collection. It debuted in Copenhagen a few weeks back. This Harlequin inspired collection is full of watercolor-like prints, gold glitz, pastels and carnival inspired hair and makeup. I'm loving the gold studs on the face and the crazy masks. Made for a fun show.

Did any of you watch the Oscars last night? I thoroughly enjoyed them. It was definitely a loaded night as far as films go, and I thought host Seth MacFarlane was entertaining. I have yet to see most of the nominations, but after last night, I think we have a pretty good line up waiting for us.

It's been a long time dream of mine to design dresses for the Oscars (or any award show for that matter). I used to watch the entire Oscars with my Grandmother, who was an avid movie watcher and film lover. We would watch all the red carpet, viewing all the best/worst dressed (my favorite), and then watch the whole show through. She would always smile, clap her hands together, and remark, 'Wow!' She loved them, and I'll always think of her when watching them. Oh how I miss her. 

Hope you enjoy your Monday!



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