Monday, September 12, 2011


Oh, Jadeite!
I was flipping through Living by Martha Stewart (another favorite) on an airplane a few weeks ago, and came across a lovely spread of jadeite green. There was everything from plates and saucers, to cake plates, mixers, and salt & pepper shakers. It's all so beautiful.
I'm on the lookout now for some new treasures to go in my mint green kitchen. 

Pretty, huh?


  1. Oh I LOVE that shade of green! (well I love "green" in general!) Such a calming color... and plus it makes you want to eat more salad (always a good thing). :)

  2. I recently just got some BEAUTIFUL green vintage bowls in that same color. I sent them to CA so I haven't seen them yet, but I am sooo excited! Great post!

  3. Very pretty. I love green...all shades of it. I think it's the happiest color, and goes so well with just about anything.