Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eames: Charles + Ray

We watched a new documentary the other night. I think it's 
one of my new favorites.

It's about the talented Charles and Ray Eames. Both Lee and I have been big fans of 
their modern, mid-century furniture for a long time, but didn't really know much about them.
It was a very inspirational story to us.

We had the chance to visit their old studio in Venice, CA this past summer. A friend of ours works
for a design firm in the building that was once their studio. 
It was awesome to be able to go there, and be/see where they once worked. 

We were excited when we watched the film and got to see them at work in there.
It was fascinating to learn so much about them.

That armchair rocker is my favorite. It's what I want for our one day baby room. 
I just think it's beautiful.

If you like documentaries, you should check it out!



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  1. I cannot believe you visited the old studio. i'm jealous.

    also.. in the future when you guys have kids, your kids will be so adorable. i can't wait :) :)

  2. i just watched this documentary a couple of weeks ago--soooo good. i cannot believe you got to visit their old house. it looks amazing!

  3. Thanks @Eunice, we're excited to have kids one day:)

    @TheLovelyHunter, we loved the documentary. We didn't get to see their mod, color blocked house. It was the studio 901 (I think those were the numbers). Awesome all the same.