Friday, July 20, 2012

I'll be lying low this weekend...

Here's what these past few week's have looked like for us. . . 

Our AC went out last night, and I'm just praying the apt managers will get someone over here before the weekend. I'm sort of forced to lay low today (literally). I sprained my ankle real good last night while playing outside with my puppy, Wally. It's pretty swollen, and I can barely walk. I guess that makes this a reading, Downtown Abbey watching, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week catching up on weekend. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'll just be laying in bed, ankle rested atop a stack of pillows, with my fan keeping me cool...

Bye, Bonte

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  1. aw.. man.. i always laugh when im running and playing with lady outside.. because i probably look like the biggest idiot.
    hope your ankle gets better quickly..
    Luke's out of town til monday.. so my weekend will probably be just the same ;)

  2. lovin the snapshots! little details are always awesome. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)

  3. I love all your life pictures. fun fun fun, and makes me want to be there always!