Thursday, July 5, 2012

WA Vacation Part II: Home Sweet Home

Well, last week I talked about Part I of my vacation to WA, which continues on today. After we got back from our weekend in Seattle, we had 10 whole days to spend at home. That is what I was most looking forward to about my trip. I love being home. While our home in NC feels like 'home', there is something irreplaceable about being at Mom and Dad's. I love the sights, sounds and smells that make it what it is. I love that I didn't have to cook dinner for those 10 days, but got to eat my Mother's delicious home cooked meals instead. I loved that we were almost all together, minus our brother Luke. I love that I got to be there for my Dad's 60th birthday party. He's a keeper for sure. I love that there were many good laughs and chats over endless cups of coffee. I loved seeing my grandparents, Mummu and Ukki. I loved that I was there for Eleanor's 1st ballet recital. I loved having sister dates and sister shopping (nothing compares to that). I loved my nightly walks with Mom and various siblings. I just wish Lee could have been there to enjoy it with me. Next time for sure. We are getting ready to book our tickets home for Christmas and I can't wait.

Here's a few photos of the memories we made...

Leon got his travel wings because he did such a good job on the long flight!
Traveling with these two rascals, age 3, age 15mos.
Marge and Hobes
Coffee, coffee, coffee. Yes, we really like coffee. 
Miss Eleanor's 1st ballet recital
More coffee fun!
Like father like son
My kid face, circa 1994
Bows 'n arrows with the grandkids, just like he used to do with us.
Walking to coffee
Ukki in his 1987 jacket. He never throws anything away!
Hobes took me on a donut date
Mom's famous dutch babies!
Mummu and Ukki
Margie and I on a lovely afternoon date
Girls with Mom
Josiah and Eleanor
Dad and Moll Dawg
 Ukki and his great-grandson Soli, matching!
Eleanor baked us a cake.

Have I ever mentioned that I love having a big family? My siblings are my best friends. Do you have any siblings? Are you close with your family? I don't know what I'd do without mine.



  1. Julie. Julie, Julie, Julie. Your family is the cutest family in THE WORLD! And seriously, Heidi, Rosie & I are DROOLING over Leon! How can anyone in the world be that adorable?!?! ;)