Monday, August 6, 2012


I love a good list. Most often, I feel like my life is run by a list. Why do I like them so much? Maybe it's because I'm an organized creative. I can't function in clutter. I can hardly work in a cluttered workspace. I like to know my whole day/weeks agenda, and write it all down to the last detail. Maybe it's because I feel so accomplished when I cross things off my list. Or simply that my brain can now rest assured that the million things floating around in it are now written in an orderly form, never to be forgotten. Whatever the case, I love them, have always loved them, and make them daily. I have both my parents to thank for this trait. Whether it was Mom's endless grocery lists, the one that organized the raising of 8 children, or my Dad's more scattered lists, I grew up hearing, 'Lets make a list!' (As if it solved all the world's problems).

There's a few fun blog's I follow that are all about lists.  Here + here. You might like them it you're a fellow list making lover. Here's a few fun ones I've found...

1. Johnny Cash's To-Do List


Not Smoke
Kiss June
Not kiss anyone else
Not eat too much
Go see Mama
Practice piano

Notes: Not write notes

2. Leo Van Witsen

This one's not transcribed, but I loved the messy fabric swatches. Looks like something I'd do.

3. Thomas Edison's To-Do List, 1888. (Ha, this is a fave. As if he wasn't busy enough inventing electricity, lightbulbs, a film projector and motion pictures.)

Reads: "Things to do and be done"

cotton picker
new standard phonograph
hand turning phonograph
deaf apparatus
electrical piano
new expansion pyromagnetic dynamo
artificial silk
phonographic clock
marine telegraphy
chalk battery
ink for blind

I also like to keep my old list books. Why you may ask? I don't know... I guess I'm sentimental. While I'm very organized (thanks Mom!), I also hate to throwing some things away (thanks Dad!). I imagine someone finding them when I'm old, famous (com on, I know I'm not the only one who's thought that), or gone, and looking through a day in the life of me. Ha!

Cheers to organization! 



  1. HAHAHA. thomas edison!! his list! i love this post. and i like how you save your to do lists.

  2. i love list!!! they actually make me feel like i did something even if i don't do anything at all that i wrote on them! HA!