Monday, August 27, 2012

The Gates

We watched a cool documentary the other night. It was about an art project that took 26 years of planning and configuring before it came to actuality. Christos and Jeanne-Claude, husband and wife artists, developed the concept for this in 1979. It wasn't complete until February 2005, where it remained on display through Central Park, NY for 2 weeks. It was called The Gates Project.

Christos and Jeanne-Claude had a vision to cover 23 miles of walkway in Central Park with saffron colored gates and banners, coloring the winter grounds with a golden river.

The sketches are absolutely beautiful. It's such a very unique idea, actually quite stunning. I wish I could have walked through the park and seen the saffron fabric floating in the air. The first six photos are sketches of the project, and the last four are actual photos.

Beautiful, right? Have you heard of this before?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can find the documentary on Netflix. 


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  1. I remember seeing the Today show do a segment on it and how beautiful it was!