Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fabulous Fur

So, I'm sort of obsessed with leopard print...or animal prints in general.

It was my birthday yesterday, and it was wonderful. I love getting bouquets of flowers anytime, but especially for my birthday. It was sort of a tradition in our house full of girls growing up. You were bound to wake up to a bouquet of flowers on your birthday, if not more! My sweet mother-in-law surprised me at work with flowers and a card. And I got some from my husband. my house looks all pretty and spring-like.
 Well, I like to make dresses for special occasions, like birthdays or weddings. I found this leopard print inspired fabric and fell in love with it. So I bought some to make a birthday dress for myself. My darling husband is taking me out tonight, and I have much to accomplish if I want to wear it out. I'll post a picture of me wearing it with my new Frye birthday boots soon!

In the mean time,
here's some spotted pieces I'm in love with...

My Mother gave me some leopard print flats for christmas and I just adore them.
Next, I'm saving up for a hide/rug. I already have it picked out and everything! It will semi-finish our living room we've been decorating the past year and a half. I'll post picture sometime soon.



  1. LOVE animal print! I can't wait to see the dress!

  2. I also love animal print! I can't wait to see your new dress and rug!