Saturday, March 26, 2011


New Dress, New Boots!

Well, free time has not been on my side these past few weeks. Remember that dress I was working on for my birthday dinner, well I never quite got it done. And then thing after thing kept pushing it further down the to-do list. Well, thanks to a relaxing Saturday spent in, I finally got it all finished!

Here are a few photos of it!
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Every time I finish something, there are about a million things I don't like about it, or wish I would of done differently.
I'm a perfectionist, what can I say...

Also, the way I'm standing (in the first few photos) makes them hem look uneven, but it's not, in case you were wondering:)

Well, enough about that.  Now onto bigger and better projects!



  1. Oh Julie!!! That is so beautiful. The boots look great on you! And the dress is ideal.
    Rachel Anderson

  2. didn't i just comment?
    love it jabes!! you can make me one if you want ;)

  3. LOVE: boots; dress; tights; you.

  4. Love this dress Julie! I want one!