Monday, March 28, 2011

Paper Crafts

I love paper crafts. Check out this really neat blog I follow, the Jones Design Company.
She's really awesome, and has fabulous ideas. Sometimes, when I'm too tired to come up with my own craft ideas, I'll search the web for fun tutorials, and teach myself something new. I found one on her site that I just love. It's a wreath made from old book pages. A perfect project for a book lover. It's just darling & easy to make. Check it out here.

Some photos of my finished product!
I just love how elegant and fluffy it looks.

Hope you all enjoy this grey and rainy Monday. Perfect day to snuggle up with some tea or coffee, read a book, or work on a project!


1 comment:

  1. Your blog is so cute! It's really funny to me because I saw the bedspread you have at anthropologie and I loved it so I am in the process of making one for my bed. Did you make yours? Also, that wreath has been in my bookmarks for a while now and I put it on my to do list for this week just yesterday!
    I like your style!