Monday, May 16, 2011


Here are some photos of last week's trip to Asheville.
It was simply splendid!
Lunch outside in the warm sun and light breeze.
A trip through the Biltmore House.
& a lovely stroll through the gardens and grounds.
Hardly anyone was there at that point, so we felt like it was our very own, and we were in Pride and Prejudice or something dreamy like that.

Well, we just got back from pampering ourselves. We got pedicures today, and it was glorious (and much needed). We stopped for a coffee on the way, and just talked and laughed the whole time through. I just love sister time.

Here's to a wonderful Monday off!
Tata for now...


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  1. oh yay, i havent been to biltmore in ages.... all these pics, and talks of pride and prej make me want to go!!