Monday, May 23, 2011

pain au chocolat

I used to walk through Pike's Place Market everyday on my way to school when I lived in Seattle (which sadly, feels like eons ago). Well, there was one good thing about those early, early, 6 o'clock mornings.  I passed by this amazing french bakery (everyday) called Le Panier. They would open their store front windows bright and early in the morning, and delicious aromas of fresh baked bread, croissants and pastries wafted through the air. And let me tell you, just the smell would make me go weak in the knees. their chocolate croissants were the best I've had. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about them. Well, my best friend and I would sometimes stop for a coffee and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) before or after school. Those times were sweet indeed.

All this to say... it's hard to find a good croissant these days.
We found one the other day, and enjoyed it whilst sipping our coffee in the sunshine.
It didn't quite compare with Le Panier's, but it was a happy substitute.

Later that night, we enjoyed the nicest evening stroll in the most perfect weather.
We also came across a fun little city find,
The Crushed Olive.
It's a lil shop that specializes in olive oils and vinegars, and oh, the varieties are just amazing. More to come on that soon!


That's all for now friends.
Check back soon:)


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  1. You're just so cute! :)
    There's nothing like a TRULY good croissant...why are they so hard to find?