Sunday, May 8, 2011


What would we do without them?
I honestly don't know. 
My Mother is a real gem. Sometimes I think of her life, and what she's done/does on a daily basis, and I just don't know how she does it.

Wife of my Father & Mother of 8 crazy kids!
Just that fact alone should receive some kind of crazy award. But she also home schooled us all, always cooked us delicious homemade meals, drove us around endlessly to all our lessons, dance classes, and friends houses, always kept a clean house, washed load upon load of laundry, cut our hair, took us shopping...the list just goes on...

I think everyone who has ever been over to our house knows that my Mom lives in her apron. She has quite a collection now. She's just so cute! She is such an encourager & a supporter. One thing I've always loved about Mom (Dad too) is that they always believed in us and told us we could do whatever we wanted to do. Nothing seemed too crazy and 'out there' for them. They would just hear us out, and then start thinking of a way to make the crazy dream happen. Another thing I love about my Mom is that she always wanted our home to be an open home, to friends, and guests, whomever was in our lives at the time. They were always welcome in our home and at our table. Countless times, our dinner table would be filled with 2, 3, 4 extra people, besides the 10 there already were. I guess they always say, the more the merrier. I just hope that my home will be the same kind of welcoming, peaceful place. 
I so adore, and respect the woman my Mother is. I tell her, if I can be half the wife and one-day-mother you've been, I'll be in good shape.
Bub and Mom, excited about country ham for the first time!
Mom and Dad
us, in the kitchen, in her apron. big surprise! 
All the girls :)

Here's to the best Mom!
Love you!


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