Monday, May 2, 2011

spring loveliness

I think spring is my most favorite season & I think I say that about fall too. But it's spring now, and I'm in love. All the fresh green and budding blossoms are bound to make ones heart overwhelmed with love.

 We had a lazy weekend, to say  the least. I was in a major car accident Friday morning, which landed me in my first ambulance ride to the ER. After some x-rays and CT scans, I was released with no major injuries, just whiplash and bruises. So we just took it easy the rest of the weekend. Watched too many movies, sat our on our porch every chance we got, and slept in a little too! 
We walked to our first Farmer's Market Saturday morning. It was just lovely out. We bought our first herb plants, because we're going to make a little garden on our porch. We bought 2 different types of basil, because well, we're just in love with it. Regular basil ( I guess it's called that) and Thai Basil. I'm not familiar with the latter, so I'm excited to try it out. My sweets bought me yellow tulips:) They are so bright and happy. We got some fresh garden tomatoes too. They were tasty. I think we're going to make that weekly summer outing. 

Here's a little spring loveliness for your eyes to feast on!

1. Love these!

2. Want one of these (again!)

3. Did I mention I love these? 

4. Plan to have lots of these, parties!

5. Obsessed with these, or just jars in general.
jar lanterns

6. Gonna learn to make us some tasty tarts!
tasty tart treats

7. I always love lots of color!

lovely lellow

8. Victoria Bain
citrus oxfords

9. how romantic

10.  Love these

Well, hope you've all had a happy Monday, and a lovely rest of your week. I should be back into the swing of things in the blogging world, so check back soon!


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  1. Julie! What gorgeous color combos in all the pics. Fantastic.