Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Years!

What are your plans to welcome in the New Year?
Hopefully my husband will be kissing me:) As far
as a party goes...
We were planning to travel to my sisters + spend it with our best friends/family, but sick kids
has canceled that last minute. Now our options are open.
We'll have to figure something out before tomorrow night I guess.

Hope you find yourself surrounded by the ones you love this weekend.



  1. I like it!

    Please, come here and comment ->

  2. Love Zooey D's YouTube uploads and Joseph Gordon Levitt is a total heartthrob.
    I'm not a drinker or dancer, and it's hard to find a good firework show in our town--but I went to this tiny little pub last year with a couple girlfriends and it was wonderful. They had a comfortable bar, very quiet, not crowded at all! We just chatted, sipped our drinks, listened to the radio, and waited for the lighted ball fall on the telly. I'm kind of hoping it's still as undiscovered and private as it was last New Year's Eve--as greedy as that may sound.