Friday, December 23, 2011


You can tell me I'm crazy, but I love tinsel. There's just something
so magical and old fashioned about it... I decided to put it on our tree this year.
red shines so pretty in the lights.
I was telling my mom about my tinsel and she reminded me of a story when she was a little girl.
Her and her sister would be so excited to decorate their christmas tree. They'd put up all the ornaments, and then finally, the tinsel, and go to bed thinking it looked just lovely. Little did they know that after they were tucked away warm in their beds, Mom would secretly take everything down and redecorate. They would wake up in the morning, look at their tree, and admire their great decorating.
sweet, right?

 I miss my Grandparents. I haven't seen them since last Christmas when we went home to WA. Christmas makes me miss the people I love. I wish I could be with all of them, all the time.



  1. Miss all of the Anderson family. I have met your grandparents and I thought they were great. Let Beppy and Luke know I said Merry Christmas and .friends.Denise