Monday, December 19, 2011


One day, when I have a house that allows, I want to get a real tree & a white tree!
I'm in love with white trees but I don't think a fake tree could be my main tree. I like real ones too much.
So, I've decided I just have to have both, and I can't wait for that day!

I got some holiday baking done over the weekend, most of my presents wrapped and under the tree,
and my favorite christmas movies watched.
I'm so glad it's a short work week. I can't wait for Christmas break.
O I love the holidays...



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  2. thats exactly how i feel... same with decorating... i like monochromatic things.. but then i also like all the crazy colorful ornaments too!
    ha, one day.. two will do!

  3. I was just telling someone the same thing! I want a big house with giant front windows and a big white tree with matching red and gold sparkly ornaments and then a big real tree in the back room with homemade mix-match ornaments.

    Wishing we could see you guys this holiday season...