Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aglassjar: Guest Post

spring things, aglassjar style ;) 
i'm lisa, & i have a blog where i post pictures of where i am & what i find. right now, i am in sacramento california, with family, so you may find an overwhelming amount of pictures of family. but. we are due to move in a couple weeks, & i foresee lots of vegetarian recipes, home & garden projects, clothing, sunlight & definitely more cat posts.
depending on where you are, you experience spring differently. in LA, where I lived for five years, was probably the most bizarre way to experience spring. you don't really notice it. it's like any other season, except not as hot as summer. breezy, sunny weather in the 70s? yep. & you wonder why it's over populated. i remember saying, when we decided to move to NYC, "i am sick of 70 degree weather, i'm ready for some snow!" (<-- obviously wasn't in my right mind). anyway. i got what i asked for. here is me, in NYC during spring time, last year.
i'm serious, that was the end of April, last year. icaramba! of course, the following month brightened up a bit, & the storms subsided & pretty flowers started popping up everywhere.
having said all of that, the one thing that is definitely true no matter which coast you're on, is that flowers are blooming everywhere! herbs & tomato plants are for sale at every bodega, home depot & even safeway. love it! so, flowers, that is my number one springy thing, that i love.
(whoops, my new pair of dieppa restrepo loafers? how did you get in there...) after, what seemed like a year, of layering up clothes in new york (in reality, it was probably only 3-4mnths), i decided that i really didn't like layering clothes too much, and that a simple dress, or light pastel pants with a loose tank top was  what i really liked. so my number two spring thing is bright colored or pastel pants & floral dresses.
what? all of these items are available in the aglassjar etsy shop?? you gotta be kiddin' me! :) in the last a couple wks, i've purchased a pair of periwinkle (pictured), red, peach & minty green silky pants. like i said...
three : avocados! oops, i mean veggies!
this part also varies, depending on which coast you reside. we're lucky, in california, to have all kinds of fresh locally grown veggies available in abundance all year 'round ( did someone say avocados?) here, avocados are available all year, at insanely inexpensive prices! two-six avos for a doll-hair. this is why i was shocked to pay $4 for one (ONE) organic avocado on the east coast during fall/winter.  one of my favorite things to do, during the warmer days, when you don't really feel like a hot soup, is a raw avocado soup! i use this one from www.rawbeets.com for a raw tortilla soup! it's so good! if you've never had a raw soup before... this is the one to try.
four: hanging out, outside
most recently with my neice & nephew. i'm looking forward to eating (avocados...) outside, drinking outside (our new place has a backyard! i feel like we'll be doing a lot of drinking outside!), gardens, playing chase (w/ the kiddos), picnics...etc. just outside anything...really. five: green juice.  if you've never had a green juice, try starting with freshly juiced celery & oranges, so refreshing & delicious! then slowly begin to add other greens. you get tons of nutrients, minerals & vitamins that way. love green juice. it's more of a "spring thing" for east coasters & a year round thing for californians. six: bright nail polish. something so simple, brightens up an entire outfit. seven: blonde hair. every spring, i gradually go blonde! eight: cocktails! it's five o'clock somewhere! (stay tuned to mi blog, many cocktail recipes to come, once we move into our house!) wow, it got kind a boring there towards the end, w/ no pics... sorry! i love bonte rue, always get some sort of inspiration from looking at her bloggy... outfit ideas, photography, home decor, crafts, etsy find... & more :) very happy to be apart of spring time guest posts!


  1. love your dieppas. i've been waiting for the perfect pair to invest in and i think those may be them. {plus: gorgeous vineyard photo!}

  2. That picture of you in NYC in April...lol. Also, those balloon hats are impressive.

  3. Loooovely post Lizabetka! :)
    I read it from top to bottom! (just FYI)
    I also saw that you had talked about a raw soup recipe!
    Cray Cray! That I just made a raw soup (with avocado in it)
    Coincidence? Nop...Friends minds think alike

  4. p.s. going to see if that etsy code still works.. i might be late for that hu?