Friday, April 20, 2012

hair inspo.

I'm getting my hair done today, so I thought I'd do a hair inspiration post. I'm not doing anything new or crazy, but there is nothing better than the feeling of freshly cut and colored hair.

What's your current hair obsession?
I'm trying to get mine long enough to do some of these lovely braids and up-dos.
It's been a while...

Happy Friday all!



  1. So with you on wanting to do curls, braids, and high ponytails again. Then I see pictures of short hair (like the third one down), and think how darling they are!
    Miss you, love you :)

  2. OK... my hair looks like at that first picture right now... just had my bangs done today ... shall i post an instagramm picture to proof it? My favourite is picture 4 though.. dont like the nest thing on pic 5... it is so overdone in germany..... the girls in berlin look like trees since 2009 - cause they all got nests on their head :) love your blog