Friday, May 25, 2012


We got to hangout with some friends last night who we haven't seen in way too long. Both couples are amazing artists, so it's always an inspiration to be around them. Thom and Lindaleigh are both art teachers and incredibly gifted at what they do. Thom was Lee's first art teacher from a long time ago. They recently bought a letterpress, and we've been dying to get up to their studio to check it out. He gave us the quick run through of how it works and we were going crazy. A lot of the pieces he's working on now are letter-pressed. I'm really looking forward to his show coming up this fall. The cool thing is they said anytime we want to come hangout on a weekend, he'll let us play around and make some stuff. So, that is the plan...after I get back from my trip to WA.

The other couple, Damon and Amber, had an art show up, so they took us on a private tour of it after a late dinner. It was amazing. I wish I had a few thousand to spend on just art. It did get us thinking about starting an art fund. How cool would it be to save up and fill your home with your own friends work?! We are serious about it.

Anyways, here's a few photos I snapped at the show and thought I'd share.

Thom at his home, with some of his pieces behind him.
The beautiful letterpress.
Wooden type face.

All those drawers are full of different type faces and characters. It was so awesome. Plus, their studio is my inspiration. They built it behind their house, so they can work from home, but not in home. It's full of amazing thing to look at and I think I could just live in there. 

All their storage compartments are even cool.
That's actually a painting of my brother dancing in Germany. Lee gave him photos from a photo shoot their band did in Germany. They were all dancing and he thought it might inspire Thom. He's painted a few of them.
Amber Watts, next to some of her work.
Damon Hood beside one of our favorite pieces of his. 

 This whale was awesome. There is a Jonah like character on the bottom of it.

Well, it's 88 degrees on Friday, I finally just bought herbs to plant, our two brothers are coming over tonight, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, Lee has off Monday, and then I'm off to WA for 2 weeks. I have to find time to pack somewhere in the next few days, but I am looking forward to the next few weeks. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!



  1. I love the two paintings third from the bottom!

  2. Great photo of Thomas! Thanks for coming out to see the exhibit. Also, thank you for the feature on your amazing blog. Can we steal some of these photos?