Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi  all,

Hope you had a great weekend. We got to spend it with family which is my favorite. We always cook and eat tons of good food because we're all food dorks, and proud of it. We got to leave the 2 munchkins home with Lee's mom, and go hear my amazing brother drum at an outdoor festival Friday night. That was loads of fun. Saturday, we woke up semi-early, and headed off to Metrolina Expo, a huge antique expo in Charlotte. We moseyed around for a few hours, and then grabbed lunch with some friends. I tried, for the very first time, a hamburger with slaw, peanut butter and sriracha! As weird as that may sound, it was heavenly. It was sort of like a Thai burger, with the spicy peanut flavors. I'll definitely be having one again. A highlight of my weekend was hanging out with two of the cutest nephews around. I love them so much, and can't wait to fly home with them in just 3 short week. I have a sweet niece and 2 more nephews that I'm dying to see, plus I haven't even met one of them yet.

Anyways, I've been slacking on posting Instagram photos, so here's a little April recap. Hope you enjoy!

Shipping supplies off to Etsy's wedding expo, To Have & To Hold.
Spring party shoot here.
Letters & numbers here.
It's a party! here
My summer reading list. Currently on Pour Your Heart Into It, by Howard Schultz. It's wonderful so far, I love it.
Dark chocolate cupcakes with Reese's crumble for a friend's birthday.
Senior photo, #flashbackfriday
Sewing & reading
Dean and Deluca, yummy sandwhich and lime Perrier.
Hanging with my bro.
Fancy birthday dinner for my sweet sis.
Me and my handsome date. 
Pretty and refreshing.
Salmon papilotte, with ginger lime sauce, quinoa and roasted asparagus. (papilotte, French word for cooked in parchment) It really turned out amazing. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's definitely a remake. 
Siblings and friends.
Sweet potato pancake! very yummy and fall-ish in flavor.
Good quote from book mentioned above. 
What I Wore Post here!
Bride and groom birds.
When we were kids. #flashbackfriday
Fresh blonde.
Babe washing dishes.

Bulgar wheat chili w/ jalapeno cheddar cornbread. Oh my gosh, so delicious.
Lee teaching me how to eat honey from a honey suckle...for the first time. I know, unbelievable, right? How did I not know this?!
My cutie Leon looking adorable.
Sister Starbucks date.
The hat guys at Metrolina.
Best friends and family.
Mr. Soli likes his paci upside down.
What I Wore Wednesday here.

latta folks,


  1. You've got the cutest little nephews!!!!

  2. love all these pics. all of them are so fun, beautiful, cute. the one of us when we're little = one of my faves ever.