Monday, May 28, 2012

random photos of our life

Here are some random photos of our life these past few weeks.

An experimental recipe I tried. My sister gave me the idea to use left over roasted asparagus and make a soup. I never would of thought of it, but it was actually delicious. Proscuitto asparagus soup. No cream, but it was still creamy in texture and full of flavor. 

I can finally wear my hair up in a bun! PTL! I've been patiently waiting...

Saturday morning farmer's market fun.

Fresh flowers from the famers market. It was the first week it opened and we are going to be Saturday regulars from now on. Their produce looked so beautiful.

A new salmon recipe I tried...Sesame Ginger Salmon. It was delicious!

Reads lately...

This was a Friday night feast, and so delicious. My sister shared her homemade hummus recipe last time she visited and we are hooked. I've tried without success to make a good, authentic hummus. I found out the key is Tahini!

We did finally get our porch finished. It still needs to be painted, and I still need to get my flowers and herbs planted, but I have my new round bulb lights, and they are just lovely.

Our chocolate loot Lee's parents brought back from Germany for us, along with a box full of candy/sweet from our German friends. We are set for a while, I think:)

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day. We slept in, made a delicious pancake breakfast, finished up a little house cleaning, and are going to spray paint two porch chairs and plant the rest of our flowers/succulents today.

tata for now,

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