Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to WIWW {Week 8: 80 degree bliss}

Can you believe it's May 2nd already?! I'm in a bit of shock. I feel like we just kissed 2011 goodbye and were eagerly anticipating what 2012 would bring. Now this year is 1/3 gone. My Mom said something to me on the phone last week that was a good reminder. She said, "Life is just to short to not celebrate. Celebrate people, events, landmarks..." It's really true. I realize more everyday how short life really is, and constantly have to remind myself to seize the day. Make it count. Do the important things in life. Invest in people. Love people. Give of myself. Celebrate.

Anyways, here's a little outfit fun for you all. The weather's been back to the mid 70's-80s, and I love it. It's my 'perfect' weather. We finally got to eat breakfast outside on our almost finished porch. I've missed doing that. The porch is built, we just have to wait for the paint, which won't be happening for 6 more weeks. It has something to do with the wood drying out. Life is full of waiting, is is not? My patience is being stretched at the moment. It hurts, but it's that good pain that makes it ok.

Dress: Target // Shoes: BCBG Wedges // Purse: Gifted Vintage Clutch // Bracelets: an assortment of gifts // 
Ring: gifted // Suitcase: Vintage // Lips: MAC Lustre Cockney

Hope you enjoy!


As always, stop by The Pleated Poppy if you're in need of more outfit inspiration.


  1. Beautiful dress! YOu look lovely.

  2. You look beautiful and the vibrant color of that dress is amazing. Question: has anyone ever told you that you look like Tori Spelling? Im not a celeb fan but your last facial shot there made me think of her instantly. You look lovely!

  3. your WIW posts...

  4. you are beautifullll. that dress! that color!