Monday, April 23, 2012

Fashion Inspo.

Well, I have high expectations for this week. We've had construction going on around our 
apartment the past 5, going on 6 weeks, and quite frankly, I'm tired of it. Our apartment
managers decided to redo our front porch, which needed it desperately, and we are very
grateful. But what was supposed to be a 1 week project has turned into a 6 week project.
Crossing my fingers for lots of sunshine and progress this week. I'm just dying to spray paint
my porch chairs, plant my flowers, herbs, and get my porch ready for summer parties.

We are also getting a window makeover, which we're in dire need of as well. We live on the main floor of a very old house. It's over 100 years old, with 12 foot ceiling and hardwood floors, and we love the character. One downside is the the rolling floors from it being picked up and moved to it's current location. Another is the windows. They are so drafty, which is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. But, they are replacing them all, PTL! They started ripping out the outside storm windows last week, and I'm expecting them back today to finish the job. Crossing my fingers for finished projects around here.

All that to say, after house guests and construction, I am ready to have my house back, and some peace and quiet. Hopefully I can get a little work done this week as well.

Anyways, enough about my house...Here's a little Monday inspiration for you.

Also, in case you didn't hear...We are so honored and excited to be participating in Etsy's first ever wedding event, To Have & To Hold. They are hosting it in NYC this coming Saturday for bride + grooms, event + wedding planners, and various press. More information here.

I'll be seeing you soon,


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  1. do you get to go to NYC? or just your merch?
    thats so great, and exciting!